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Success is not a coincidence of chance and does not happen overnight

By Heliana Deweese

Ulysses Leonardo Layun If there is an immigrant who can patent a recipe for success here in the US is the Brazilian Ulysses Leonardo Layun, when arrived here at 13 years old, had the simplified name for 'Lee' to facilitate the pronunciation of Americans. Who does not know that near miner Belo Horizonte, may not know that behind the serene figure of good-natured, lies a businessman absolute success.

experienced administrator, the Brazilian has a steady hand to business and softhearted to house hundreds of employees who are to him the assets of USA Maintenance, commercial cleaning company in the segment, which created nearly 20 years ago. National scale and today present in most states, the enterprise employs many Brazilians, builds a select portfolio of over 300 customers and started here in Florida.

The miner plans do not stop there. The USA Maintenance should also arrive in Brazil later this year and that the businessman has already started negotiations in São Paulo. In love with the country where he was born and which has real estate investments, he spends at least two months in homeland re-energizing the origins. Another passion is football and to measure the size, it has already had the luxury of taking the plane here in Miami, a hit and back, just to see Atletico Mineiro, the team's heart, playing in the Mineirao. A Brazilian singular profile and easy to understand. Join a rare humility to entrepreneurship. Some of accurate vision by years of business experience and mix the cream resilience of those facing adversity naturally. You designed your profile.

Owner of a tight schedule to travel from one state to another to meet professional commitments, the immigrant does not forget where he came from, nor where and how it started. Philanthropist, finds time to help everyone knocking on your door. In Lee's case, the help comes not only through dollar signs, but also of their hands. When you need it helps to carry the burden. Wash glasses and sweeps the floor. Solidarity, the entrepreneur values ​​the human side of people and believes that "you can not go through this life without helping others," prophesies.

Recipe for success

Ask Lee a recipe for success and he does not hesitate to answer. "Nobody does anything alone. Without my staff I would not be who I am. Success does not fall from the sky. It is built on a day-to-day and will to win, "prescribes the entrepreneur. It was to study that he came to the United States. Graduated in Business Administration (Management) by BCC- Broward Community College came here in the 70s still prepubescent, the hands of the father, the Argentine Moises Layun. The Brazilian started writing his business history when he first arrived. At the time, his father owned the restaurant Country Music Cabaret at Sunrise and it was exactly there that the boy then Lee literally rolled up his sleeves and opened as a dishwasher. Only after going through all the learning of the restaurant as a cook's helper, busboy and waiter among other positions is that the father gave him the opportunity to manage the business, which he said "is just as well run by the owner who learned putting hands-on". Before taking any position of command, you need to go through all the steps and services involving the business, including the humblest tasks. "The reasoning is simple; those who can not do a job, is not entitled to collect it, "fire.

The jump

From experience in the family restaurant, was born businessman who would draw a trajectory of success years later, when it appeared the invitation of a second job in the commercial cleaning industry, he did not yet know. The challenge of opportunity aroused the interest of young Lee, whose commitment and dedication were being closely watched by the owner of the company that made the call. And there was the Brazilian manage a new line of business, which not only learned but also specialized in the subject. After learning the tricks of the area and feel ready to face the market, the dashing Lee created his own commercial cleaning company in 1990 and decided to rewrite its history of business life. The beginning was not easy and to get where it is today turned the nights working without holidays or weekends.

Since then, the jump was great and the Brazilian saw the customer base grow and solidify. With pride, attributes much of his success to his honesty, which is keen to show from the very first contacts with customers. "Companies treat contracts directly with me and my company has a very well trained staff. Not farm out services, because I am responsible for the quality that promise, "confides. Zealous image of integrity and the trust earned by the clientele, Lee is also careful advice. The overall management of USA Maintenance is in charge of two young men, the entrepreneur has the right arm. The son Christopher, 26, and Williams Oliveira 34, which considers as a child adopted by the heart. Both trained by him.


Cheating, however, who think that the entrepreneur always sailed in calm and crystal clear waters. The deal gave jumps, but also had frights. Eleven years ago, the family and health circumstances away business temporarily. The mother's illness and death of a brother at a young age led him to a season in Brazil. From there, the entrepreneur tried to manage the business. Adding stress and sadness of family losses, the heart of the Brazilian complained. On the verge of a heart attack was hospitalized for treatment and businesses here were in the hands of third parties and subject to errors of management disability, the excesses of inexperience and even intentional fraud. The catastrophe prowled around, threatening the credibility of the USA Maintenance and years of work and hard.

It is at the point of the owner as the business grows. As accurate as the saying was the immediate return of the entrepreneur to the US, to personally take care of what is yours.

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