Coronavirus (COVID 19) Deep Cleaning Information

We strongly recommend professionally disinfecting your facility as a way to keep your employees and occupants safe and to keep essential personnel working in this time of crisis.

How do you Sanitize and Disinfect during a Deep Clean?

Our ‘deep clean’ method utilizes three techniques depending on the need.

Wet sprays – Using wet sprays allows our technicians to completely coat a surface in the sanitizing or disinfecting solution. After the solution is applied wet it is allowed to dry to ensure effectiveness.
Surface wiping - Wiping allows our technicians to target specific areas to ensure targeted germ killing. The solution is applied wet, allowed to dwell for 10 minutes, then wiped for maximum effectiveness.
Fogging – Fogging allows our technicians to deliver sanitation and disinfecting solution to hard to reach places and nooks and crannies otherwise missed.

Do you need a Professional Deep Clean?

You can certainly clean, sanitize, and disinfect your home with over the counter solutions yourself. However, in order to reach all areas needed for a ‘deep clean’ including your HVAC system we recommend contacting a professional. Professionals can use tools like foggers and industrial sprayers to get to all areas of your home and Business.

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